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I founded Core Business Solutions with the goal of helping business owners improve operating results, add value, and recapture the energy and passion that was present when the business was new. We also have the expertise to assist start-up companies create the foundational structure needed to provide the best opportunity for the business to grow and prosper in uncertain economic times. Our goal is to help the business entrepreneur/owner, through mentoring and coaching, develop or enhance managerial skills while providing that independent and objective advice and expertise usually provided by a board of directors.
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Sunday, May 31, 2009
DANCERS FOR CANCER SOCK HOP Friday June 19th, 8pm Gulfport, Fl Casino... Please support a worthy cause and has some fun as well.
Thursday, May 28, 2009

Top 7 Reasons Businesses Fail .... Part One

As I covered in my blog of May 16th there are seven major and typical reasons businesses fail. So many businesses are started with out a logical written business plan and I believe it can be the biggest contributing factor to the failure of a business.


It's about a Lack of Planning.
So what's going on here and what is this business plan stuff you keep hearing about?

Anyone who has ever been in charge of a successful major event knows that were it not for their careful, methodical, strategic planning -- and hard work -- success would not have followed. The same could be said of most business successes.

It is critical for all businesses to have a business plan. Many small businesses fail because of fundamental shortcomings in their business planning. It must be realistic and based on accurate, current information and educated projections for the future.

In most cases the components of a business plan should include:

1-Description of the business, vision, goals, and keys to success; What is the business about? Why does the business exist? What need or niche will it fill? Has this need been quantified and verified or is it just an assumption? What do you want the business to look like in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and in 2 years and even 5 years. What is your vision? What is your company's mission?

2-Work force needs; Will you need employees? Why? To do what? Where and how will you find my workforce? How will they be paid and how much will you pay them? Why? How will you manage them?

3-Potential problems and solutions; The dreaded SWOT analysis- What are your Strengths as a business person? What are your Weaknesses? What Opportunities are there available to help your business to be successful? Are there any Threats to your business or anything that could stop you from being successful? (i.e. health issues?) If so, how will you deal with those issues if they occur? Do you have or need a Plan B?

4-Financial: capital equipment and supply list, balance sheet, income statement and cash flow analysis, sales and expense forecasts; What are your margins? How much profit will you expect to make with each sale? What are the start up expenses and how will they be funded? Short Term or Long Term loans? Equity Financing? Angel Investors? Savings? Property Liquidation? How much do you need and why and for what?

5-Analysis of competition; How will you compete? How will the business differentiate itself from the competition? What is your edge or your niche?

6-Marketing, advertising and promotional activities; How and where will you find customers or clients? How will they find you? Will you have a website? [Which for most businesses today is crucial] Here is where you develop a complete marketing plan with sales goals and specific sales plans. How will you sell your product or service and who will sell it? Do you have the well developed sales skills required?

7-Budgeting and managing company growth; If your company grows and does well how will you manage your funds? Will some be reinvested into the business? If so, how much and into what areas of the business and why?

In addition, most bankers request a business plan if you are seeking to secure addition capital for your company.

Writing out each of these questions in these components listed and answering every one of them with brutal honesty will help you discover if your proposition is even feasible.

Here at Core Business Solutions we have written many business plans and it's very hard work; to think about all these concepts and ideas and to work out all the potential problems and to research all the topics. Writing a business plan is a process, not an event. It should be undertaken over period of weeks not days.

A business plan should be a living document that is reviewed and updated regularly. The Core Business Solutions business plan is reviewed each fiscal quarter as it's a way to measure how we are doing? Am we meeting our goals and objectives. If not, why not? Now we can find the problem and devise a fix. If we're meeting our goals, now we know that as well. Yeah! Party Time!

If you need help writing your business plan, be sure you find someone who can be objective and most importantly has business plan writing experience and a strong business acumen.

Next time, I'll take up the subject of: Starting A Business For The Wrong Reasons. This is another of the top 7 major reason businesses fail.

Until next time.....All The Best,

Walt Morey
Core Business Solutions www.corebizsolution.com
Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Great relaxing weekend, ate too much now I've got to work it off- back to business and networking!
Friday, May 22, 2009
Wrapping up a busy week today; planning a nice relaxing holiday weekend with family;
Hope your weekend is a great one too!
Tuesday, May 19, 2009
ALERT- Tampa Bay Home Expo June 19-21 at Tropicana Field-Consumers are your target market be there- http://ping.fm/jBp0T
Pinellas Park Chamber just held a terrific Health & Wellness seminar with 5 Dr's moderated by Stacie Shaibile from Channel 8-next 1 in 6 mos
Sunday, May 17, 2009
Tampa Bay Rays WIN!!! They're one game under 500! What a great experience at the TROP! Now to plan for next week!! Have you planned too?
Saturday, May 16, 2009
New Blog Posting"Before Everything Else, Getting Ready Is The Secret Of Success" is at:

Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success.

So, who said this: "Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success."
And what does it mean? First of all this quote is from one of the most successful entrepreneurs ever - Henry Ford
The meaning is direct but applies to many areas of our business lives and even our personal lives.
What Henry Ford was getting at is how important preparation is to reach success. It sounds logical and simple but why are many people in business not ready for success?
The answer lies deep in our business souls. It's so much easier to go right into things without planning, thinking ahead or developing a strategy of exactly what steps must be completed to even have a chance of success in any business venture whether it's starting a new business, changing your business's culture, adding new equipment or marketing your product or services. So what causes us to forge ahead without preparing beforehand. Some would say it's arrogance resulting from a thought process such as "I know everything I need to do" or "I can do this because I have a positive mental attitude and others with less talent than me have made it" or that these new business owners saw a wonderful MLM presentation that convinced them anybody can be successful.
The sad news is that 95% of all business failures are as a result of the business owner not being ready to do what's required or not knowing what they must do, to be successful.
So what's the answer. How does one increase the chances of business success? The answer is Strategic Planning. Do you have a complete written business which includes a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) analysis as well as a marketing plan with monthly activity objectives, budgets and revenue goals or milestones and a related sales plan?
This is the basis, the foundation, the structure that you must have to know where you want to be and how you are going to get there with your business. How do you know how you are doing if you don't have a plan to compare to? You could be selling widgets but not making enough profits to stay in business.
The Top Seven Reasons businesses fail are:

1-Lack of Planning

2-You start your business for the wrong reasons

3-Poor Management

4-No Website

5-Location, Location, Location

6-Insufficient Capital

7-Over expansion

In the coming weeks I'll review each of these in detail and how to avoid these pitfalls in your business.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Busy day with clients today..hmmm..fun..really..Isn't the swine flu thing lots of hype? The media loves anything negative..sells more ads?
Sunday, May 3, 2009
Fun Ball Game-Rays Wins 5-3;History Made-Carl Crawford steals 6 bases-matches the record!
Now time to plan for next week
Going to Tampa Rays game today vs Red Sox- I need some play time- we all do- all work and no play, right? Have fun everyone

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