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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Using Social Media- The set up

So now that you've signed up and have an account with a Social Media site what do do now?

So, now you want to set up your profiles on the 3-4 best Social Media sites on the web.

LinkedIn -63rd most viewed site in the world

Facebook- 6th most viewed site in the world

Twitter- 163rd most viewed site in the world in less than 2 years!

Plaxo- has over 25 million users as of 10/2008 and growing!

You must have a good photo (headshot; shoulders and up only that fills the frame); collect all the info from your past employers and schools, dates of each etc, to post in your profiles. Now post complete information. Plaxo will search for others that are members of Plaxo that worked at the same companies as you or attended the same schools, so be specific and complete. You'll be amazed who you may find from your past. This is so cool.

Be sure to use the same name to register at each site so they are consistent along with the same strategy of how you want people to know you; what is your brand? Fill in some personal info, favorite movies, tv shows, music etc. Make sure your personal info is all the same on each site. Remember..be consistent with your message and your brand.

Be sure to invite all your regular email contacts to connect with you on each of the sites. This is how you grow your network and more people know you are on Facebook or Twitter, etc.

Also invite any current customers, clients or even prospects for your product or service to join you, or connect with you.

Each status update should include a little info on what you are working from a personal standpoint and /or a business point of view. Show off a little and expose your connections to your expertise or knowledge base or services your provide.

If you'd like some individual help,let me know. I'd be glad to help you.

All The Best To All..........


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