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I founded Core Business Solutions with the goal of helping business owners improve operating results, add value, and recapture the energy and passion that was present when the business was new. We also have the expertise to assist start-up companies create the foundational structure needed to provide the best opportunity for the business to grow and prosper in uncertain economic times. Our goal is to help the business entrepreneur/owner, through mentoring and coaching, develop or enhance managerial skills while providing that independent and objective advice and expertise usually provided by a board of directors.
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Monday, April 14, 2014

LET"S TALK BUSINESS- Tampa Bay TV Show Episode-2

Here is a link to my new weekly TV Show that I am producing along with Carl Lucchi of Tampa Bay Networkers each Wednesday evening at 7 pm.Go to Talkwadstudios.com to see our previous shows as well.
This episode included an interview with Bob Turel, the Presentations Coach. Learn how Bob can help with your 'Elevator Pitch', making an impactful and memorable speech or just how to get rid of the 'Jitters' before you give a presentation.  Bob offers many other services as well.

 I hope you enjoy this clip from the show.



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