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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Are You CRAZY BUSY? Here's Some Ideas!

Is being so busy all the time driving you crazy? You're not alone. I just finished reading a great book by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. titled "Crazy Busy".Without intending for it to happen we've plunged ourselves into a mad rush of activity, expecting our brains to keep track of more than they comfortably or effectively can, in fact, as attention deficit disorder expert and bestselling author Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. argues, brain overload has reached the point where our entire society is suffering from culturally induced Attention Deficit Disorder[ADD].

There are myth's and reality's to multi-tasking. Multitasking ineffectively,what is called“frazzing”, is a common mistake that busy people make, frantically hoping that it will work. If the task matters, it is better that you do it by itself. That way you can give it your full attention. "Passion Test" philosophy- 'Give attention to your intentions to release tension.'
The author also comes up with over 15 new words for the new problems.

A few of these new terms are:
  • Screensucking. Wasting time engaging with
    any screen – for instance, computer, video
    game, television, Blackberry. To combat it, you
    need to be aware that you are susceptible to it
    every time you log on or switch on.
  • Kudzu. This is the clutter and piles that
    invade where we work and where we live, the
    unstoppable, unkillable stream of unexpected
    minor requests from people everywhere that
    slows us down, the spam that infests our email,
    the junk mail that overruns our snail mail, and
    the useless information that we continue to
    collect in spite of our best efforts not to. One
    of the great antidotes to this is the acronym
    OHIO: Only Handle It Once.
    [Sound familiar 'Minute Manager' disciples?]
  • Gemmelsmerch. This is the force that distracts
    the mind or steals it away from it wants to do
    or ought to be doing. Reducing this in your
    environment and learning how to resist its
    pull are modern survival skills of the highest
  • The Human Moment vs. The Electric Moment- A human moment occurs when two
    or more people meet in person and connect
    with one another. An electronic moment
    occurs when you meet others via electronic
  • Frazzing. Multitasking ineffectively. [See above]
So, Dr. Hallowell has provided his " TEN KEY PRINCIPLES TO MANAGING MODERN LIFE":
  1. Do what matters most to you. You need to prioritize your day, your week & your life.You must choose. In order to do well and to be happy, you must say, “No, thank you,” to many people and activities.
  2. Create a positive emotional environment wherever you are. Work on all your business and personal relationships and keep them positive. Avoid negative people or situations. Most of all stay positive yourself! You become what you think about.
  3. Find your rhythm. When you find your rhythm, you allow much of your day to be taken care of by the automatic pilot in your brain, so that the creative, thinking part of your brain can attend to what is uniquely qualified to attend to.
  4. Invest your time wisely so as to get maximum
    return. Make a list of the tasks you want to complete for the day and the week. Time, like money, gets wasted if you’re not attentive to how you spend it.
  5. Don’t waste time screensucking. A modern addiction, screensucking is like smoking cigarettes: Once you’re hooked, it is extremely tough to quit.
  6. Identify and control the sources of
    gemmelsmerch in your environment.
    [See Above]
  7. Delegate what don’t like to do or are not good at if you possibly can. Your goal should be to be not independent, but rather effectively interdependent. You do for me and I’ll do for you. This is what makes life possible and the synergy is fun.
  8. Slow down. If we want to be as happy as can be, and if we want to preserve our position in the world, we will do so by thinking harder and feeling more deeply, not frantically trying to put in ever more hours.
  9. Don’t multitask ineffectively or frazz. Give one task your full attention. You will do it better and easier. This will reduce stress.
  10. Play. This means imaginatively engaging with what you are doing. This will naturally bring to bear the best part of your mind. You will not waste time.

To Summarize author Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. concludes that 'We must find ways to re-create human connectedness. [FNI/Networking 1 on 1 meetings can do this, right?] We must find ways to reconnect interpersonally, which is essential both for our health and for the creation of mutual trust. Right now, we are in a period of flux. Speeding up, seemingly out of control, we will solve the problems we face once we put our heads


The best reason to take your time is that this is the only time you"ll ever have! So must take it or it will be taken from you. It is telling that the phrase taking your time is synonymous with slowing down! If we want to live life fully and get the most out of the short lives we have& we would do best to slow down.

I enjoyed this book and I encourage you to get a copy. It's a good short read:

"CRAZY BUSY" Author" Edward M. Hallowell. M.
D.- Publisher Ballantine Books, 2006- ISBN: 0 345 48243 3 - 237 pages

I hope I provided you some useful food for thought.

In a few weeks or so I'll cover another subject designed to provide business owners with information they can use to help them work "on" their business.

Until Then Please:

1- Live Simply.
2- Speak Kindly.
3- Care Deeply.
4-Love Generously.

All The Very Best...Always,

Walt Morey -

Executive Business Advisor Accredited by the Institute for Independent Business



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