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Friday, May 7, 2010

12 Tips on Time Management

Many small business owners or sole proprietors find themselves stretched for time in an economy that requires businesses to do more with less to stay competitive. That’s why it’s wise for entrepreneurs to develop good time management habits so that everything that needs to be done, gets done.

First understand that you can not actually manage time. There will always be only 24 hours per day. But you can do a better job of managing how you interact with and deal with the time you have.
It's about managing your activities or behavior.

Here are 12 tips to help you work smarter and use your time wisely.

1. Buy a week-at-a-glance appointment book and use it religiously. Write everything that you need to accomplish in this book. This book is your brain!

2. Differentiate between the urgent and the vital. The urgent may be making a lot of noise to get your attention, but it is rarely vital that it be done right now or at all. Have a sense of urgency but without panic.

“The vital task rarely needs to be done today. The urgent task calls for instant action. The momentary appeal of these tasks seems irresistible, and they devour our energy. With a sense of loss we recall the vital tasks we pushed aside. We realize that we have become slaves to the tyranny of the urgent.” –Charles Hummel

3. The key is not to prioritize what is on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.

4. Keep track of your time by 15 minute increments for 2 weeks to see how you actually spend your time. Compare this to what you should be or want to be spending your time on. It will help give you the motivation to make needed changes.

5. Say “no” to the project, not the person. You cannot do everything everyone asks you to do.

6. Learn how to effectively delegate. This means picking the right person, giving clear directions, setting benchmark and due dates, and then letting them do it.

7. Procrastination has a lot of different causes: fear, boredom, perfectionism, an overwhelming task and unclear goals. Identify the reason behind procrastination, so you are solving the right problem when dealing with it.

8. If you earn $10,000 a year, each minute is worth $.09. If you earn $30,000 a year, each minute is worth. $.26. Use these thoughts to help you prioritize your activities and to determine to whom you should be delegating. Any time you are doing work that someone at a lower wage could be doing, you are losing money.

9. Set goals. They help you prioritize your activities and let you know that you have succeeded.

10. Don't waste time waiting. We are all trapped into waiting for the dentist or an appointment to start. Have something with you that you can work on: Use your I Phone to check your email; Return calls you received on your cell phone or even just balance your checkbook. Make every minute count.

11. Set Time Limits For Tasks. Set aside a maximum times (i.e. 1 hour; 90 minutes, etc.) to review email or return phone calls or any other task. Set a timer to remind you when your time is used up.

12. There are 1,440 minutes in a day and 29020 days in an 80 year lifetime. Take control of your time and make this year the year you do what you want.

I hope I've provided you some ideas that can help you work better 'on' your business and perhaps even in it as well.

In about 2 weeks or so I'll cover another that can assist you with your business.

Until Next Time : 
Live Simply
Speak Kindly
Care Deeply
Love Generously 
Live In The Moment

All The Best,

Walt Morey

Core Business Solutions
Executive Advisor Accredited by the Institute for Independent Business


Brucely said...

Thanks for these useful tips on time management.Do U have any idea about the tools that are available for time management?

Unknown said...

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Clark Adams said...

Time management is important to everyone, especially those who are working. Scheduling your company's priorities should be done as soon as possible, otherwise it will cause problems. Setting up a goal is one way to motivate yourself and your employees which will improve overall productivity.

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