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I founded Core Business Solutions with the goal of helping business owners improve operating results, add value, and recapture the energy and passion that was present when the business was new. We also have the expertise to assist start-up companies create the foundational structure needed to provide the best opportunity for the business to grow and prosper in uncertain economic times. Our goal is to help the business entrepreneur/owner, through mentoring and coaching, develop or enhance managerial skills while providing that independent and objective advice and expertise usually provided by a board of directors.
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Are You A Best Performer In Your Industry?

I am sometimes asked: How do I become a leader in my business?

The kind of commitment I find among the best performers
across virtually every business segment is a single-minded passion for
what they do, an unwavering desire for excellence in the
way they think and the way they work. Genuine confidence
is what launches them out of bed in the morning, and through
their day with a spring in their step. Commitment is not just about a positive attitude or a smile for everyone, it's about being an expert in your field. Have you studied your competition compared to your product or service? How well do you know your product or service, your industry and most importantly your target market? Specifically, who exactly is your target market? What do they want? How do they use your service or product? Why do they use it? When will they use it and to what end?
Those who know the answers to these questions as they pertain to their business are or will be outstanding performers. This is the beginning of owning expertise in your business. If you know these answers you are developing a 'passion' for your business. To be truly passionate and an expert in your business segment you must be up to date on all that's going on in your segment and any closely related segments or products. It is also important to know what's happening locally, regionally, nationally and globally in your market segment and business in general. The good news is with easy access to the world wide web, all this information is available to all. But are you committed to updating yourself on your business on a regular basis? Do you do what's right for your customer and provide the best service or product you know how? Are you checking to be sure you are? Are you polling your customers for their feedback? Are you in touch with them from time to time even if they have not purchased in a while? Do you send them a newsletter about your business occasionally? Do you strive for excellence every day?
I hope I've given you some food for thought. Be an expert and be a leader.
I guarantee you'll be glad you are.
All The Best- Walt Morey


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