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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Marketing and Blogging

Many people I speak with each week want to know about blogging. What is it and how do I do it and why should I have a blog. There are many different ideas about blogging and here are my thoughts.
First, blogging is a way to exhibit your expertise to your audience. But who is your audience? Hopefully your audience is your friends, your current customers or clients and any prospects or potential prospects for your product or services. I believe to be an effective blogger you must have a passion for your business such that you know you have an ability or skill that you are very proficient in or a product that is very distinctive from your competitor's product. This provides the basis of your blog. Setting up a blog is easy. Just go to Blogger.com (or WordPress)and set up your profile just as you should have done on Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter or Plaxo, etc. Then state the purpose of your blog and notify all your clients, friends and prospects, etc., that your have a blog and it's purpose. Invite them to 'subscribe to' or 'follow' your blog as your blog's purpose may be of interest to them.
I recommend your first blog should be about why you have a blog. So explain your blog purpose, your outlook on your business or business segment and what you want to accomplish in your business and why. Invite feedback from your audience in your blog as well. Ask them if there are subjects they'd like to know more about. For instance I put a poll on this blog and the majority voted that they think marketing is the most important subject that businesses need more info about. Then decide how often you want to add a new post to your Blog. Some bloggers post daily, some weekly or bi-weekly or bi-monthly or monthly. Whatever you decide, announce it to your audience and be sure to stick to it. If you don't your integrity and dependability suffers. So be careful what you commit to. Be sure you can follow through as promised. Each of your blog posts should be between 200-300 words on average. Don't write a novel. Lastly, be sure your spelling and grammar are good. I suggest you write it in MS Word then Spell and Grammar check it. Then just cut and paste to your posting tool.
My time is up for today. Next time I'll continue this discussion about Blogs.
All The Best To All ----Walt


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